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The Big Picture 2015

Updated: Jun 6

The Big Picture: Third Edition at Pro Art Gallery and Street Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE. (May 2015) The Big Picture gathered more than seventy established and emerging artists, such as Jamal al Suwaidi, Diyali, Uday Bhanu, Tor Seidel and Reem Al Banna for a group exhibition between Pro Art Gallery and Street Art Gallery in Dubai. By removing the regulations of commercial gallery representation,The Big Picture asked artists to create in their own medium, art for art’s sake. In addition to curation, Xenia spearheaded all aspects of the exhibition: administrative tasks of the selection process, communications, and marketing campaigns and the exhibition logistics of art handling and event programming.

Hosted in Pro Art Gallery and Street Art Gallery Dubai in the month of May and curated by Xenia Gazi.

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