• Simona

Capture every moment !

My art journey has started about 7 years ago. It has begun as a form of therapy for me. The effortless way one can express emotions and deep feelings without using any words. And it's been an intriguing journey ever since. Like my life in Dubai itself... Lately, I have experienced the power of quantum hypnosis where I have observed something significant. My artwork is the sacred communication portal and the way how the Pleiadians communicate with us (humans). There are the ” Mandalas of Abundance”, said. I was a mind-opening experience for me. I have always had a sense that my paintings have the energy to heal and I'm just a messenger. That's why I paint solely with my hands and fingers is to keep that connection and to transform it into my art. The most common question I usually get is ”How long it takes for you to make a painting?”. The truth is, I never know if the painting is done just for the day or it would ”call” me again in the future. The only thing I’m certain is when I have that inner feeling that the painting is done, I see it actually for the first time. I never know what I'm going to paint. I'm just going with the flow... 💙


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